How can we all stay healthy and still help you with your print communication?
PrintForest is working daily and hourly to create a safe, sanitized environment for our employees, customers and vendors as we all work together to meet your printing needs and stay healthy during the COVID-19 crisis.

Beginning March 24, 2020, the city of Kansas City, MO has enacted a 30-day Stay-at-Home order for employees working in all non-essential services. As a printer, we are allowed to continue production and delivery services. However, for our safety and yours, we are instituting these measures immediately:

• We are a family-owned, tight-knit business, but we are learning the fine art of social distancing. Whenever possible, employees are working from home. The on-site production team has been rescheduled and is limited to only one employee at a time in each department area. All meetings are being held virtually or at a minimum distance of six-feet apart. 

• Employees are following strict safety measures. All company travel has been stopped, and employees who need to travel for family reasons will be required to quarantine for a two-week period when they return.

• All common work areas are disinfected daily and employees are regularly using hand-washing/sanitizing stations.

• Our lobby will be closed to customers and vendors, but our customer service team will be available to answer your phone calls. You can find answers to many of your questions on product pages or in FAQ.

• All payment will be accepted either online or by mail. No direct contact will be made with cash or credit cards.

• Most orders will be delivered by mail, which the World Health Organization has approved as a safe distribution method. Local deliveries can be made at our dock area, and customers will be instructed where they can pick up their jobs in a secured area. No signature will be required.    

If your company or organization is working to produce an “essential” food, safety, health care, sanitation, financial, government, housing, utility, transportation or other related product or service, we want to THANK YOU for your extraordinary efforts. 

For every business and organization trying to navigate this difficult time, communication is more important than ever. We remain your source for sustainably printed materials.

Let us know if we can help with an order, a custom job or any other print issues. We’re here for you at

Stay safe.