Non-Profit Discount & Tax-Exempt Status

Non-Profit Discount:
To help make sustainable printing a more affordable option for non-profit organizations, we offer a 10% discount on every order through the use of a special discount code.

Additionally, PrintForest is a printing sponsor for a limited number of non-profit organization events that are dedicated to sustainability efforts. Follow these steps to receive your discount code or be considered for sponsorship printing:

  • Email tax-exempt certificate to before placing your order.
  • Need to order now? We will refund your discount and sales tax after tax exempt status is approved.
  • To be considered for a PrintForest event sponsorship, email with details about your event.

Print re-sellers are eligible for tax exemption. Please email tax-exempt certificate to before placing your order. You will be notified when approved for tax-exempt status and can then place your order.