We Plant Trees With Your Order

For each customer’s printing job, PrintForest will plant trees to offset all paper consumption at no additional charge to the customer. 

Through a partnership with PrintReleaf, all paper use is calculated for its impact on forests. Each PrintForest customers’ paper footprint is then automatically offset by reforestation at one of several sites in the United States, Brazil, Dominican Republic, India, Ireland, Madagascar or Mexico.

For every tree that is harvested in a well-managed forest, several more are replanted. As young trees grow, they absorb the CO2 that contributes to climate change from the atmosphere. As a wood-based product, paper continues to store carbon throughout its lifetime.

Planting trees through the PrintReleaf reforestation program is just one way that PrintForest supports sustainable forest management. Its certifications through the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) help these organizations certify more than 107 million acres, representing 14 percent of total U.S. forests. 

Through our strategic partnership with reforestation projects, PrintForest is working to plant trees at a greater rate than they are used. On average, PrintReleaf plants more than 1,000 trees a day to offset paper consumption of its partners. These reforestation projects sponsored by the paper industry help keep paper a responsible choice because it is a renewable resource and it is recyclable.

Updated quarterly; trees planted as of March 31, 2024