How do I place an order?
It’s easy. Start on the Home page and follow these steps:

  • Select the product you would like to print.
  • Look at the size options and click on the specific size of your product.
  • On the product page, review the product specification on the left to see information on ink, paper, folding, sustainability logo options, packaging, turnaround time and file preparation.
  • Select quantity.
  • Select paper stock. See Paper Selections to read more about paper options or order paper samples.
  • Select ink option.
  • Select folding option, if offered. See Folding for available options.
  • Indicate whether you want environmental certification logos added to your job. Be sure to download the For Position Only (FPO) logos and place on your artwork.
  • Select production turnaround time. This does not include time for shipping.
  • Review price; make any specification adjustments.
  • Upload art file.

Check proof preview to be sure the trim is accurate.  If it is not, please visit the File Setup & Formatting and/or Templates page for correct file preparation.

  • Enter shipping address.
  • Name your job.
  • Add any additional instructions.
  • Add to cart.
  • Add contact and credit card information.
  • Purchase product with credit card.
  • Your job will be shipped within the regular/rush business days you request.
If you have any questions or problems in the ordering process, email customersupport@printforest.com or call 888-848-8878. If we detect a problem with your artwork, we will email or call the contact person listed on the order.